The Shoes in Barça.

Do you remember Lusja Rojkova and her Five dresses? Ok! Actualy she isn't just a designer. She is very talented and creativity person. Photographer for example.
When we studied at the university she made a special photostory about tiny chairs. Those tiny chairs was her earings and travel with her everywhere. It was more than ten years ago, omg so long we know each other.

Photo: Lusja Rojkova

When I visited Barcelona's Plaça de les Glòries flea market, I found so special tiny... The shoes!
And I remembered Lusja's chairs. I asked her to give me for using this idea. And made a lot of photo with this shoes in Barcelona and Catalunia. My photos is not so creativity like Lusja's. Just a story about shoes, walk and Barça.

Photo: Marina Zvidrina

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