Russian Umbrella Illustration

I was always interested in the industry of creating an producing such products as umbrellas. Seriously, why it is paid so little attention to this product? This accessory stands in one of the first places of wardrobe hierarchy, until certain weather arrives and most of people have just one umbrella in a boring color. An umbrella is perceived as an additional accessory, not as an independent one. The fact that one has to have two or more pairs of shoes, bags or belts is already accepted by most even not-so-fashionable people. And even those people have agreed, that all those accessories are reflecting one’s individuality, and are not just “stuff” to wear. But utilitarian items like wellies or an umbrella are usually perceived by many as nothing special. By the way, once upon a time, sunglasses and bathing suits were perceived the same way.

Partly, it is because of a free space in a wardrobe, because we give priory “seating” for basic things and clothes that we use on daily basis. And because we don’t want to buy umbrellas, we cannot find much of offers on the market. Though the construction of an umbrella is so mobile, that there is no limit for its technology, and besides, the surface of umbrella gives a lot of options for creative prints and different ornaments. Of course, I have seen interesting design offers for umbrellas, such as an anti-hurricane umbrella, made in Holland, or an umbrella with an additional inner lining for spokes. But I could never go shopping and find an interesting umbrella, never.

However, from time to time I have noticed works of some illustrators for their orders. And gathering information here and there, I was planning to write a post about such umbrellas. And recently I have seen such story from an illustrator Nastia Zabrodina:

"Once, during the flight I have met a woman seating nearby, she had a beautiful but predatory Asian face. I was studying her face during the whole flight, trying not to forget it, but all I came up with was a picture where she was hunting for birds in bushes, and my interest disappeared. But after awhile, me, and my lovely colleagues Yana Moskalyuk and Yaroslava Klepikova received an order for a print for an umbrella, using our design, and I recalled the hunting theme, which everyone approved. As a result, we created a really beautiful umbrella with 3 female hunters on it – mysterious one, militant one and a sly one."

It wasn’t just an illustration, it was a great concept of an art with history behind it. Of course, I couldn’t not pay attention to it. I wrote to the girls and found out the roots of the story.
So, there is a company called “Mart”, and its owner, Andrey Baden, often uses help of illustrators for creation of different presents for his company’s clients. He was the client, who ordered this umbrella. It’s a pity that it was just a souvenir, and never reached the shelves of stores. The construction of an umbrella was a classic one.

The left one is Nastia Zabrodina, the right one is Yana Moskalyuk and the bottom one is Yaroslava Klepikova.

After that, I was asking my friends and acquaintances, if they would want to have something like this, and I didn’t receive a negative answer once! Everyone was really into this print with a history. And the best answer was from my boyfriend, because when I asked, if a mens umbrella could be of another color besides black, he said that not only it could, but it must be a bright color, because rain makes dull everything around you, anyway. So where are you, producers of bright conceptual umbrellas for men?

And of course, as soon as I wrote to the girls and started to prepare my post, a friend of mine of Facebook, an illustrator named Elena Dolgova posted a picture of her new art – it was an illustration for an umbrella. Funny thing, I remembered about Lena a few minutes before, because she was one of the professionals, drawing sketches for Andrey’s umbrellas. I remembered her umbrella with sausage drawings, where meat delicatessen were pictured with a certain sense of humor. However, I didn’t know who ordered it before. This time she drew night birds, hunters of some sort, as well. Lena’s prints aren’t about fashion, but it doesn’t make them less interesting.

So I ll add a man to this women company, an illustrator from Saint-Petersburg, whose name is Evgeny Kiselev. He is a pretty famous illustrator outside Russia, working with pr-agencies in Europe and both of Americas. These umbrellas Evgeny made for a project named Wisli. Here we can find not only a print, but also a construction, which is what I meant earlier by saying, that an umbrella is a pretty good territory for design, starting with print and all the way through the construction of a frame.

Amusingly, now, as Im writing this post, its raining outside. Light drizzle, it makes everything dull still, and an umbrella is not necessary, but why would I refuse such a fun accessory, keeping your mood up?


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